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Amazing food cooked to order and friendly service begins your experience at Gimme A Burger, Pembroke Pines. Feast on our Certified Angus Beef Burgers®, vegan burgers, turkey burgers, bison burgers, Infusion Burgers®, chicken meals, delicious wings and flavorful salads.


See why Chef Todd of the Food Network awarded us 1st Place at BaconFest 2013. Taste our award winning specialty burgers featured in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas.


From traditional hamburgers to our specialty Infusion Burgers® Gimme A Burger offers great quality and a variety of flavors to satisfy everyone’s taste buds; and every meal is cooked to order.


Gimme a Burger, Pembroke Pines, is the restaurant home of Infusion burgers. We create deliciously unique flavor profiles by infusing premium natural meats like Certified Angus Beef®, lean turkey and chicken with exotic spices and recipes from around the world. Our signature Infusion Burgers® includes the award-winning Bacon Coffee Burger, Steakhouse Burger and the "Wow" Burger to name a few.

We don't believe in the typical fast food frozen beef patty, we strive for quality in every bite. With each menu item from our juicy burgers to our vegan items, we ensure that each meal is an unmatched taste experience. Winner of multiple awards including the best bacon burger in South Florida, Gimme a Burger offers a menu selection unlike anything else around!

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  •   What a great way to wrap up "burger month" and celebrate "National Burger Day!" Before we all went in, everyone got checked in using the new fancy "party passes" that make us Yelpers even cooler! As soon as we got into the restaurant we were greeted with a choice of either glasses of wine (red or white), beer and soda. I grabbed some wine, took a seat and was handed cups of piping hot fries before the burgers started coming out. There were a couple different varieties of fries that came out (the cracked pepper and sea salt were really good but a tad spicy since there was a ton of pepper on them), waffle cut sweet potato fries and onion rings. Sweet potato fries are always my favorite and these didn't disappoint. The wings we got to try were lemon pepper and a sweet BBQ. Lemon pepper isn't my all time favorite flavor so I preferred the BBQ. Both were tasty though! After the wings we got down to business! Starting off the burger sampler with a classic followed by a "Wow" infused burger with sausage in it, a Mediterranean burger with a garlic yogurt sauce, and ending with the bacon coffee infused burger. The "wow" burger was definitely my favorite. The sausage just elevated the burger to the next level of flavor and something I've never had anywhere else before. Then again I've never really had any of the gourmet burgers anywhere else, so it was exciting to try so many new burgers! The Mediterranean burger was good but I think it was basically the garlic yogurt sauce that really made it. I'm a big sauce person, especially if it's a garlic sauce, so this was my second favorite. The coffee burger was quite interesting because I've never thought of infusing a burger with coffee before. For me I think there is a reason I've never had a coffee flavored burger, apparently I'm not a big fan of burgers with coffee infused into them. However I'm always up for trying new tastes so it was great to try something a little out of the box. Ending the meal with chocolate and vanilla shakes was the best part. Interestingly I thought the chocolate shake was kind of like a Wendy's frosty and preferred the vanilla one. I've never heard of Gimme A Burger before this event, but I'm glad Blue introduced me to this cool burger joint! Thanks Blue and Gimme A Burger for such a fantastic event!

    thumb Katie M.
  •   What a fantastic CMYE for Burger Month!  ~ For those of you too young to remember this quote, it is from the cartoon "Popeye the Sailor Man". One particular character, "Wimpy", would often utter this phrase.  ~ "I'll gladly repay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today". ~ Well this isn't the case because you do what to be able to purchase your burger today from Gimme-A-Burger. Being my first event, I had know idea what to expect. ~ Well everything worked like a fine tuned Swiss watch.  "Blue" you have out done yourself, from the follow-up emails, the use of QRc images, live entrainment and having a very friendly group of Yelpers that made you feel right at home. As we entered the establishment, we where greeted by Gimme-A-Burger employees, directed to get a name badge, asked if we would like a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and we seated ourself at any table available. Where we immediately received a two cups  of hot crispy crunch french fries (regular and spicy flavored) that cooked to perfection. "Blue" made his introductions of the owner of Gimme-A-Burger and we learned that this was a "Soft Opening" of their second location and a little about his thought process behind his culinary delights that we were going to be sampling. ~ Chicken Wings (lemon pepper and maple barbecue flavors) ~ Burgers (all served with a juicy ripe red tomato with crispy lettuce on top) ~ ~ Big Single - a classic plain cheese burger ~ ~ Wow Burger - my favorite - with sausage mixed into the beef ~ ~ Mediterranean Burger - Infused with spices that reminded of my adventures in Turkey with garlic yogurt sauce on the side (... a nice touch that can also be used to dip your french fries into ...) ~ ~ Bacon Coffee Burger - a creation of infused coffee into the meat and a piece of crispy strip bacon on top ~ Sweet Potato Waffle Fries - I am a fan of sweet potatoes fries but they could have used a side of "marshmallow" dipping sauce to bring out even more flavor ~ Onion Rings - thickly battered ~ Milkshakes ~~ Chocolate - like a sipping a piece of chocolate mousse ~~ Vanilla - that tasted like old fashion custard ice cream Serves was impeccable and the restaurant ambiance, very warm. Thank you Gimme-A-Burger for inviting us into your home  and best wishes on your new endeavor. Cheers!

    thumb Frank B.
  •   I'm so happy Broward is more and more offering us an incredible variety of really cool and great eateries to try and Gimme a Burger offered us an incredible night to show off what they have in store. The evening started with Blue greeting us and leading us inside to get our tags, drinks, and get to our seats. Everybody was pretty excited to try our host's "infusions"! I started by drinking red wine to set the tone of the evening, and as soon we were seated warm, crunchy, salt and peppered French fries were waiting for us on our tables and it tasted delicious! Next they served their chicken wings, which were well seasoned and not overly greasy. The first burger served was the classic and I've got to say that it was flavorful and juicy. We also tried their sweet potato fries that were good as well, but my favorites were the French fries with the extra pepper that made it taste incredibly good. The second infusion served was the Wow burger with cured sausage that had the good combination of sausage and beef and it also tasted very good. The third infusion was my favorite, the Mediterranean burger was so rich in taste due to its combination of garlic, onions, and parsley that made my taste buds jump up high of happiness! The last infusion was the Coffee burger, it had of course coffer, bacon, and brown sugar. It was an interesting combination, not my favorite, but if you like to try new flavors it is definitely worth doing it. The evening sadly ended with us saying our good byes, Blue scored another successful and great event in his book, and all of us eager Yelpers were very happy to again take part in such great event. Thanks again Blue for another special event, and thank you also to Gimme a burger for the great infusions they put together.

    thumb Adriana S.
  •   Love the new BARCODE check-in;  it's like we're all high-tech... nice work Yelp ! We arrived a few minutes late and I was so relieved to get two of the last seats left... and it was nice to have some elites by us that I didn't know all that well.  So nice getting to know Heather and Paul M and a few others Who can say no to chicken wings and french fries; not me... the perfect samples to start off with.  Then came the good stuff, BURGERS Burger 1 was my favorite:  just a simple Traditional Burger with american cheese Burger 2 was the WOW Burger which had tons of flavor which came from the infused european sausage that was mixed in;  very tasty burger Burger 3 was a Mediterranean Burger;  it was infused with mediterranean seasonings and it was good. Burger 4 was the Coffee Bacon Burger and it was the one that everyone seemed to want to try.  Seems everyone either loved it or hated it;  Unfortunately I didn't love it. That's not to say I didn't love some of the other options. Along with the burgers we had some waffle cut sweet potato fries and onion rings... both very good. They also gave us some sauce but honestly I wasn't sure if it was for one of the burgers or for the onion rings or the sweet potato fries... either way the sauce was great.  And the milkshake we sampled was a great finishing touch. Thanks Gimme A Burger and Blue for a great night out.

    thumb Marisol F.
  •   This event was really fun! The food was incredible. After we checked in, we grabbed a drink and picked a place to sit to enjoy the food! When we first sat down they had fries in a cup waiting for us to try! These fries were yummy perfect with salt seasoning! Next came out 2 wings a lemon pepper one and maybe a sweet BBQ flavor one, that one was my favorite! Then we got to try sweet potato waffle fries.... Boy were they yummy, they just needed some marshmallow dip to top it off! Then they brought out these delicious onion rings as well. Nice and crispy but not too greasy! I loved them! They gave us four samples of burgers to try! The first was the was the BIG SINGLE this was just a plain burger but quite yummy! The WOW BURGER came out next and this burger had cured beef sausage inside which I enjoyed a lot, this was my second favorite burger! Next they brought out the MEDITERRANEAN BURGER which was made with onions, garlic, and parsley! This by far was my favorite burger of the night!!! Then they served us the last burger which was the BACON COFFEE BURGER, now I was excited to try this burger I liked it the least! To much coffee flavored, couldn't taste the bacon in it, and was to spicy for my liking! Next came dessert! They served chocolate and vanilla frozen custard! I had the chocolate which tasted so good would have been better if they added strawberries or bananas to it, maybe something they could think of adding to it! But none of the less the chocolate shake/custard was very good, and I heard the vanilla was just as good! They had a DJ playing music which was fun to listen to, although it was pretty loud in there! Would like to thank Blue for putting this event together over all the food was incredible and I found out they have a chain in Deerfield which is much closer to home! I will def go check out gimme a burger in Deerfield. I'll be coming back for that Mediterranean burger and a shake and those fries and onion rings lol. Ok maybe I should just order the whole menu! Come check this place out, you won't be disappointed!

    thumb Kayla W.
  •   Another awesome event... thank you Blue and thank you Gimme A Burger. I have to say the new check-in method went off with out a hitch! Very nice! After grabbing my wine, and almost forgetting my name tag, I took a seat.  Sat with some familiar faces but still managed to wander around the room and say hello to everyone else which was great.  The two options for fries were sitting on the table as soon as we sat so we started munching on these immediately.   The regular we're slightly better in my opinion, but I could understand the pepper lovers loving the spicy ones! Wings were up next, and I'm no connoisseur so the flavors in my mind are "lemony" and "sweet"...tough to pick a favorite as they were both very different from each other yet delicious. Onion rings and sweet potato fries were also served between the burger courses.  Both hit the spot, although we all did seem to crave a sweet dipping sauce with the sweet potato..I guess our sweet tooths (yes that's how you pluralize sweet tooth) were already wanting the dessert!   THE BURGERS And I must say the buns (potato bread maybe) were quite delicious! As well as the fresh lettuce and tomato on each burger. *Big Single - Classic plain burger yet there was nothing boring about it! *Wow Burger - infused with sausage.  My clear favorite of the night. *Mediterranean Burger - I missed whatever specialness was infused in here since I doused mine in aioli and the other secret sauce.  It was good, but the sauces were delish! *Bacon Coffee Burger - anyone who knows me knows I pretty much despise coffee.  Other than the one coffee concoction from Starbucks (which is more chocolate than coffee) I have maybe once a year, coffee is not my thing.  So yeah, the burger...not my thing, but I'm sure the 54% of Americans who drink coffee daily (I googled that statistic) loved it.   And finally the dessert!! A delicious vanilla shake that really capped off the night! The BOGO cards at the end were a nice way of ensuring I'll be back!! Hey I still need to try the frozen custard 😉

    thumb Savanna M.
  •   A perfect ending for a month of celebrating the all-American food, the hamburger. There's nothing I like much better than a tasty burger and we got to try four different ones!  The traditional burger was great, but I like the more unusual.  I was surprised by the degree of coffee flavor in the coffee, bacon infused burger.  The first bite caused my brain to say, "Well....that was weird," then the second bite said, "But I like it!"  Admittedly, the coffee kinda obscured the bacon, but that's actually okay, I've had a lot of bacon burgers.  My favorite was the sausage infused burger, smoky and savory.  I did make a tactical error when I tried the garlic sauce on my first bite of the Mediterranean burger, because it made it harder to taste the meat.  That just gives me an excuse to go back and correct my mistake. I seem to be moving backwards, oh well.  Before the burgers we we treated to two kinds of wings and three kinds of fries.  All of them were perfectly cooked.  The best bite, always goes to sweet potato fries, LOL.  I will admit to a certain amount of bias. I didn't get to try the vanilla shake, but the chocolate one was the perfect decadent end to the meal. The waitstaff did an impeccable job of keeping things moving at a perfect pace.  They couldn't have been any more attentive.  Special thanks to the owner for giving us a private, sneak peek at the new establishment.  I doubt that it will ever be that easy to get in again. And of course, a rousing round of applause to our fuzzy, fearless leader.  The new expedited check-in process made it easier than ever for our flawlessly planned evening.  I can't wait to find out what is next!

    thumb Jeanne M.
  •   IT'S HAMBURGMANIA, For those of you who like real hamburgers this is the place to eat and the event was  as good as the burgers. There was Blue at the door trying out his new Florida pass admit system, I was a good to go. The fries were spicy and just cooked right. My favorite was the coffee burger with the hing of coffee and the smell to go with it, and another was the burger mixed with sausage just how I make my meatballs. As we ate , talked, and texted we had a DJ spinning the music. No it is not the Ritz but a great place to get a hamburger but try something new, go for the wild side in you. A special thanks to Blue and his crew for all their work and time to make this a good event.

    thumb Jim D.
  •   Party Pass on hand (yes, BPB is fancy now with QR Barcodes guest list) I entered the new location of Gimme a Burger. I thought the name sounded familiar and realized they have a Deerfield location closer to me, which I will check out soon, and this is why... We started with perfectly seasoned, addictive fries.  We could not stop eating them but forced ourselves to because their burgers and other samplings of their menu awaited us.   They served us two different sauced chicken wings...  one was sweet and tangy (my favorite), and the other one was lemony.  Both really good. They came out with sweet potato waffle fries - who can say no to those?   Then the burgers started coming out: 1. First was the classic burger, you can't go wrong with that one.  An all-time favorite, simple, and flavorful. 2. Wow burger - was a sausage burger.  Good but if you are not a fan of sausage stay away...  the flavor and texture is prominent 3. Mediterranean burger - definitely the one I will order next time I'm there.  This one is Infused w/onions, garlic, parsley making it taste a little lighter than the other, especially with their garlic yogurt sauce they server on the side.  Try it, it gives the burger a whole new level of taste 4. Last one was the coffee burger.  Yes, you can taste the coffee... As if that wasn't enough they gave us our choice of wine (red or white), beer, or sodas to drink and ended the night with a delicious vanilla shake. The staff was amazing!  They served us, always with a smile, made sure our table weren't cluttered with empty plates or glasses, came to our tables regularly to make sure we were enjoying the event, and even gave us a discount card for the next time we are there.   We were a fairly large group of yelpers and they accommodated all of us.  We all were seated in big tables (about 8 per table), and with this kind of set up got to talk a little more and even meet some newcomers, and "catch up" with our friends. Gimme a Burger, thank you for hosting and wish Good Luck in this new location. Blue, thank you for another great event and celebrating (your so dear) Burger Month with us!

    thumb Greshka P.
  •   Grand Opening, grand burgers and grand new friends. This was a particularly enjoyable evening.  Getting to be one of the first to try a new venue and their obviously novel lineup of burgers and fries. (I had way more fries than I should have but the peppery ones were quite good and how can you turn down sweet potato fries?) My favorite burger of the evening was the sausage burger.  Anything with a bit of glow as it passes where the tonsils were is a joy to begin with.  Add the sausage flavor and you have a winner. The other memorable burger for the evening was the coffee burger.  I love coffee so this was a natural.. I did make the mistake of putting on it one of the creamy sauces that had been distributed just prior to its arrival.  I don't think it was intended to go with that particular burger.  (I saw the owner talking about the sauces but hearing was out of the question.) Another highlight of the evening was meeting and talking with Leah T and John T from Miami (no relation to Johnny T).  If only we had met them many years ago.  They are from here and would vacation in Colorado for the skiing.  We are from Colorado and would vacation here for the scuba diving.  Oh well, we met them and enjoyed their stories.  A pleasant exclamation point for the evening. Thank you Gimme A Burger and thank you Blue for another outstanding event.

    thumb Gary M.
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