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Amazing food cooked to order and friendly service begins your experience at Gimme A Burger, Pembroke Pines. Feast on our Certified Angus Beef Burgers®, vegan burgers, turkey burgers, bison burgers, Infusion Burgers®, chicken meals, delicious wings and flavorful salads.


See why Chef Todd of the Food Network awarded us 1st Place at BaconFest 2013. Taste our award winning specialty burgers featured in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas.


From traditional hamburgers to our specialty Infusion Burgers® Gimme A Burger offers great quality and a variety of flavors to satisfy everyone’s taste buds; and every meal is cooked to order.


Gimme a Burger, Pembroke Pines, is the restaurant home of Infusion burgers. We create deliciously unique flavor profiles by infusing premium natural meats like Certified Angus Beef®, lean turkey and chicken with exotic spices and recipes from around the world. Our signature Infusion Burgers® includes the award-winning Bacon Coffee Burger, Steakhouse Burger and the "Wow" Burger to name a few.

We don't believe in the typical fast food frozen beef patty, we strive for quality in every bite. With each menu item from our juicy burgers to our vegan items, we ensure that each meal is an unmatched taste experience. Winner of multiple awards including the best bacon burger in South Florida, Gimme a Burger offers a menu selection unlike anything else around!

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Gimme A Party

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  •   Great event! Love the wow burger, good music and a great way to promote a new business.

    thumb Emy C.
  •   Delicious French fries were already on the table waiting for us when we sat down. They were so good that I couldn't stop eating them.  Next came chicken wings.  I don't usually order chicken wings because a lot of restaurants undercook them. These were perfect.  The two different sauces on the wings were delicious.  After that came sweet potato fries and  onion rings which were so tasty, and not a bit greasy.  Next we got to try four different hamburgers.  I still can't decide which one I liked best.  I think I'll have to try them all again.  The  hamburger buns were soft and fresh and really added to the taste of the burgers.  We got to wash it all down with red wine, beer, and sodas.  The evening ended with a sample of their vanilla milkshake.  Everything was so delicious.  There wasn't one thing I didn't like .

    The music was great and added to the upbeat feeling.  It was wonderful to see old friends and meet new ones.  We got to talk about where we've been and new places to try.  Now I have a list of new places to bookmark.

    Thank you to the cooks and all the great servers who brought us the food and kept the tables cleared.  Thank you to the owner of Gimme A Burger for the great food and hospitality.  I wish you good luck with this new restaurant.  I'm looking forward to going to your location in Deerfield which  is close to where I live.

    Blue, it was another great event.  I can't thank you enough for including me.

    thumb Diane N.
  •   Party Pass on hand (yes, BPB is fancy now with QR Barcodes guest list) I entered the new location of Gimme a Burger.
    I thought the name sounded familiar and realized they have a Deerfield location closer to me, which I will check out soon, and this is why...

    We started with perfectly seasoned, addictive fries.  We could not stop eating them but forced ourselves to because their burgers and other samplings of their menu awaited us.  
    They served us two different sauced chicken wings...  one was sweet and tangy (my favorite), and the other one was lemony.  Both really good.
    They came out with sweet potato waffle fries - who can say no to those?  
    Then the burgers started coming out:
    1. First was the classic burger, you can't go wrong with that one.  An all-time favorite, simple, and flavorful.
    2. Wow burger - was a sausage burger.  Good but if you are not a fan of sausage stay away...  the flavor and texture is prominent
    3. Mediterranean burger - definitely the one I will order next time I'm there.  This one is Infused w/onions, garlic, parsley making it taste a little lighter than the other, especially with their garlic yogurt sauce they server on the side.  Try it, it gives the burger a whole new level of taste
    4. Last one was the coffee burger.  Yes, you can taste the coffee...

    As if that wasn't enough they gave us our choice of wine (red or white), beer, or sodas to drink and ended the night with a delicious vanilla shake.

    The staff was amazing!  They served us, always with a smile, made sure our table weren't cluttered with empty plates or glasses, came to our tables regularly to make sure we were enjoying the event, and even gave us a discount card for the next time we are there.  

    We were a fairly large group of yelpers and they accommodated all of us.  We all were seated in big tables (about 8 per table), and with this kind of set up got to talk a little more and even meet some newcomers, and "catch up" with our friends.

    Gimme a Burger, thank you for hosting and wish Good Luck in this new location.
    Blue, thank you for another great event and celebrating (your so dear) Burger Month with us!

    thumb Greshka P.
  •   Thanks Blue for having an event 5 minutes from my house!  Moving to the country is a whole lot more tolerable with great events like this around the corner.

    This strip mall didn't know what hit it!  Inside was a DJ pumping up the bass while a long line of Yelpers armed with fancy QC VIP passes waited to get in.

    What a fitting way to spend National Hamburger day!  Gimme a Burger definitely stands out from the crowd of burger factories with it's flavor "infused" patties.

    We were lucky enough to sample the following:

    The original burger was very tasty - reminded me a lot of my beloved shake shack burger with the pillow soft potato bun and quality greens.  

    The WOW burger was probably my favorite of the night.  This awesome burger is infused with Turkish sausage and definitely has some nice spice/heat to it.  

    The Mediterranean burger was also great.  The parsley, onions, and garlic infused in the meat definitely reminded me of keftedes while the accompanying sauce was awesome even on the fries.

    The biggest surprise came from the Bacon Coffee burger.  Bacon, Coffee, and brown sugar doesn't sound like it would be good together but somehow, some way it's pretty damn good!

    In addition to these great burgers we were also treated to some yummy wings (Maple wings...mmmmm) and awesome fries.

    We're super psyched to check this place out again with the kids, thanks Blue and Gimme a Burger for a great night!

    thumb Paul M.
  •   In my world every month is burger month but if a celebration is a must, then I guess we'll just have to eat some burgers then. We checked in with our usual party passes like we always do, and got inside with no problems at all. Checking in for some reason seemed faster than usual. As soon as we stepped in and got to the counters the beers were flowing and fries were readily available at the table. Yes, salt and pepper fries all night and damn those wings were good too. Is this a burger spot or a beer and wings joint?

    To get us warmed up for the variety of burgers we would feast on for the night we had to go back and start with the basic classic burger, the Big Single is their standard american burger which was a solid burger that had lettuce tomato and a slice of american cheese.  I couldn't complain about this burger, it was what you would want in an american classic.

    The Wow burger was next on the tasting and this was my favorite burger of the night. The meat alone sold me on this burger as it was infused with cured beef sausage, and the patty's flavors really stood out for this burger.

    The Mediterranean Burger - infused with onion, garlic and parsley didn't blow me away as much as I wanted it to because they only relied on the seasonings to pass as Mediterranean flavors, the toppings remained the same such as; the american cheese, lettuce, tomato. Sadly, it pretty much masked this burgers full potential. Although the sauce that it came with did help the burger out a bit.

    The burger that headlined everyones curiosity, Bacon Coffee Burger - infused with coffee, bacon and brown sugar came next. I took several bites analyzing over and over if I liked it or if the sweet coffee flavor didn't belong in my burger. Till this day I am still confused and would probably need a whole burger to know. I'm glad I got to try it because it was definitely something new and not many can say they had a coffee burger.

    I do wish our palates were challenged a bit more for this event. I was able to converse with the owners after the event and they told me they held back on putting in different breading, cheeses, and other toppings because they wanted to keep the standard items people liked. I was a bit relieved to know that they had other toppings to offer rather than the standard egg bun, american cheese, lettuce and tomato that they used on all four burgers. So coming up with my own creations and personal preferences are definitely in line for a separate visit.

    Overall a great night in tasting, the patties alone set this place apart from other burger joints I've ever been to. They went out of their way to make sure our bellies were satisfied and the night ran smoothly. Thank you Yelp, Blue, and the generous owners of GimmeABurger

    thumb Limuel G.
  •   What a fantastic CMYE for Burger Month!  ~ For those of you too young to remember this quote, it is from the cartoon "Popeye the Sailor Man". One particular character, "Wimpy", would often utter this phrase.  ~ "I'll gladly repay you Tuesday, for a hamburger today". ~ Well this isn't the case because you do what to be able to purchase your burger today from Gimme-A-Burger.

    Being my first event, I had know idea what to expect. ~ Well everything worked like a fine tuned Swiss watch.  "Blue" you have out done yourself, from the follow-up emails, the use of QRc images, live entrainment and having a very friendly group of Yelpers that made you feel right at home.

    As we entered the establishment, we where greeted by Gimme-A-Burger employees, directed to get a name badge, asked if we would like a drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and we seated ourself at any table available. Where we immediately received a two cups  of hot crispy crunch french fries (regular and spicy flavored) that cooked to perfection.

    "Blue" made his introductions of the owner of Gimme-A-Burger and we learned that this was a "Soft Opening" of their second location and a little about his thought process behind his culinary delights that we were going to be sampling.

    ~ Chicken Wings (lemon pepper and maple barbecue flavors)

    ~ Burgers (all served with a juicy ripe red tomato with crispy lettuce on top)
    ~ ~ Big Single - a classic plain cheese burger
    ~ ~ Wow Burger - my favorite - with sausage mixed into the beef
    ~ ~ Mediterranean Burger - Infused with spices that reminded of my adventures in Turkey with garlic yogurt sauce on the side (... a nice touch that can also be used to dip your french fries into ...)
    ~ ~ Bacon Coffee Burger - a creation of infused coffee into the meat and a piece of crispy strip bacon on top

    ~ Sweet Potato Waffle Fries - I am a fan of sweet potatoes fries but they could have used a side of "marshmallow" dipping sauce to bring out even more flavor
    ~ Onion Rings - thickly battered

    ~ Milkshakes
    ~~ Chocolate - like a sipping a piece of chocolate mousse
    ~~ Vanilla - that tasted like old fashion custard ice cream

    Serves was impeccable and the restaurant ambiance, very warm.

    Thank you Gimme-A-Burger for inviting us into your home  and best wishes on your new endeavor.


    thumb Frank B.
  •   So, Gimme a Burger comes to the neighborhood with a Turkish background? Hmm.  Who woulda thought, huh!

    This is what I'm talking about. Yelp helps bring the community together once again to showcase the newly opened establishments that many of us have not even a slight clue about. For most of us, we thought it was just an ordinary burger joint that popping up everywhere with a different name.

    The CMYEs are perfect for these businesses. It actually helps them strive and get their name out there through word of mouth and through promoting itself in its early stages in such events like this one.

    Blue, along with the staff and owners of Gimme a Burger, thank you for your generosity and hard work in putting such a great gathering of a community of foodies into one place.

    The staff's hospitality was wonderful, from beginning to end and made sure that everyone was able to grab a bite and be able to at least try everything.

    Gimme a Burger sure stands out with its "infusion" concept. Browsing through their menu, I've noticed everything on it is infused. But more than anything, the food has a Turkish influence in the way they season and mix their burger meat. By far, the one that stood out the most is the "WOW" burger. As they passed it around, I heard everyone, not one was missed...after taking their first bite, all I can hear is "WOW!" Bite after bite. It was almost like a wave of wows around the table.

    CMYEs. They are a great way to get cozy and intimate with your fellow Yelp community and sharing a bite or two and discussing along the way likes and dislikes, also mingle amongst the group and learn things about one and another.

    THUMBS UP Blue and Gimme a Burger, you sure earned our business for the next come around when we are looking to grab a burger...keep up the good work and way to go in putting your business out their for such a wonderful promotion!

    thumb Mike U.
  •   Love the new BARCODE check-in;  it's like we're all high-tech... nice work Yelp !

    We arrived a few minutes late and I was so relieved to get two of the last seats left... and it was nice to have some elites by us that I didn't know all that well.  So nice getting to know Heather and Paul M and a few others

    Who can say no to chicken wings and french fries; not me... the perfect samples to start off with.  Then came the good stuff, BURGERS

    Burger 1 was my favorite:  just a simple Traditional Burger with american cheese

    Burger 2 was the WOW Burger which had tons of flavor which came from the infused european sausage that was mixed in;  very tasty burger

    Burger 3 was a Mediterranean Burger;  it was infused with mediterranean seasonings and it was good.

    Burger 4 was the Coffee Bacon Burger and it was the one that everyone seemed to want to try.  Seems everyone either loved it or hated it;  Unfortunately I didn't love it. That's not to say I didn't love some of the other options.

    Along with the burgers we had some waffle cut sweet potato fries and onion rings... both very good.

    They also gave us some sauce but honestly I wasn't sure if it was for one of the burgers or for the onion rings or the sweet potato fries... either way the sauce was great.  And the milkshake we sampled was a great finishing touch.

    Thanks Gimme A Burger and Blue for a great night out.

    thumb Marisol F.
  •   Great way to Wrap-up Burger Month!!

    I have passed by Gimme A Burger in Deerfield several times and have never stopped by to try the food. Thanks to this event I have found a new lunch spot.

    First Stop: Check-in with our Party Pass! Super cool addition to the check-in process.
    Second Stop: Name Badge and booze! I started off with red wine but we there was white wine, beer and fountain drinks.

    The music was awesome! Had us singing along. Great DJ!

    I loved how organized Gimme A Burger was. Right off the bat we had fries waiting for us at the tables. We were introduced to the owner and then the food started flowing.

    Chicken Wings: My favorite was the lemon pepper wing. I have a weakness for lemon and I could have eaten dozens of these wings. The other wing was good too. It was sweet.

    Sweet Potato fries: Addicting and delicious!

    Burger time!!
    Big Single: You can never go wrong with the classic burger. When taking a bite I noticed the buns were a bit toasted. Love it! It was delicious.
    Wow Burger: This was something new for me. You could see the little chunks of beef sausage. It was pretty good.
    Mediterranean Burger: I would have to say this one was by fav. Very flavorful.
    Bacon Coffee Burger: Now this I had never heard of! I am not much of a coffee lover but I had to give this a try. It was interesting. You can literally taste the coffee!

    The waiters were so friendly and on top of things! They made us feel super comfortable. I loved this event! Thanks Blue for a fun event! Gimme A Burger- I shall see you very soon!!

    thumb Tanya L.
  •   Yelp events are never a disappointment! Instead of outlining what happened, since everyone else has done that already, I'll list what I loved:

    1. QR scan to enter. We're technology cool now!
    2. Drinks upon entry, & fries waiting at our table. Both types were perfectly seasoned.
    3. Wings served hot & fresh.
    4. Onion rings & sweet potato fries were amazing.
    5. Burger time! My fave was the WOW burger. I'll def come back for that. It's mind-blowing how all the burgers looked the same, but each packed a different flavor.
    6. Yummy milkshake to finish up.

    Ok, that was kind of  an outline, but I guess that shows how much I enjoyed everything last night! As always, I leave happy & full.

    This location is literally 2mins from me, so I am sure I'll be back. Thanks, Blue, for introducing me to this new and unique burger spot! And thanks to Gimme-a-Burger owners & staff for great food & service!

    thumb Acelyn B.
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