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Amazing food cooked to order and friendly service begins your experience at Gimme A Burger, Pembroke Pines. Feast on our Certified Angus Beef Burgers®, vegan burgers, turkey burgers, bison burgers, Infusion Burgers®, chicken meals, delicious wings and flavorful salads.


See why Chef Todd of the Food Network awarded us 1st Place at BaconFest 2013. Taste our award winning specialty burgers featured in the World Food Championships in Las Vegas.


From traditional hamburgers to our specialty Infusion Burgers® Gimme A Burger offers great quality and a variety of flavors to satisfy everyone’s taste buds; and every meal is cooked to order.


Gimme a Burger, Pembroke Pines, is the restaurant home of Infusion burgers. We create deliciously unique flavor profiles by infusing premium natural meats like Certified Angus Beef®, lean turkey and chicken with exotic spices and recipes from around the world. Our signature Infusion Burgers® includes the award-winning Bacon Coffee Burger, Steakhouse Burger and the "Wow" Burger to name a few.

We don't believe in the typical fast food frozen beef patty, we strive for quality in every bite. With each menu item from our juicy burgers to our vegan items, we ensure that each meal is an unmatched taste experience. Winner of multiple awards including the best bacon burger in South Florida, Gimme a Burger offers a menu selection unlike anything else around!

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Gimme A Party

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  •   Thanks Blue for having an event 5 minutes from my house!  Moving to the country is a whole lot more tolerable with great events like this around the corner.

    This strip mall didn't know what hit it!  Inside was a DJ pumping up the bass while a long line of Yelpers armed with fancy QC VIP passes waited to get in.

    What a fitting way to spend National Hamburger day!  Gimme a Burger definitely stands out from the crowd of burger factories with it's flavor "infused" patties.

    We were lucky enough to sample the following:

    The original burger was very tasty - reminded me a lot of my beloved shake shack burger with the pillow soft potato bun and quality greens.  

    The WOW burger was probably my favorite of the night.  This awesome burger is infused with Turkish sausage and definitely has some nice spice/heat to it.  

    The Mediterranean burger was also great.  The parsley, onions, and garlic infused in the meat definitely reminded me of keftedes while the accompanying sauce was awesome even on the fries.

    The biggest surprise came from the Bacon Coffee burger.  Bacon, Coffee, and brown sugar doesn't sound like it would be good together but somehow, some way it's pretty damn good!

    In addition to these great burgers we were also treated to some yummy wings (Maple wings...mmmmm) and awesome fries.

    We're super psyched to check this place out again with the kids, thanks Blue and Gimme a Burger for a great night!

    thumb Paul M.
  •   Another great event, courtesy of Blue & his wonderful team! It's a brand new burger place, located on Flamingo Road in Pembroke Pines. We were checked in with a new QR scan through our phones, which made the checking in part a breeze.  We were given our name tags & the option to choose to drink beer/wine, or fountain drinks at the soda machine. I was happy to say that we were seated next to a very entertaining group! These events are meant for us to mingle, and we had a great time.  Ok, so let's get on to the fun part: FOOD!

    For starters, we had fries ready for us to try, and they were every bit of awesome.  They were perfectly crisp & non greasy, which is hard to find nowadays.  I also liked that there was coarse salt & pepper on them.  It gave the fries a better taste. We were also given wings to try before the burgers came out, and one was sweet & the other salty.  The salty wing had way too much lemon pepper seasoning on it.  I did enjoy the sweet wing, and i liked that none of them were overcooked.  We had a good selection of burgers to try: First was the american single burger, which is your basic burger, but on a egg bread, i believe.  It gave it a nice, smooth taste & did not disappoint.  Next was the WOW burger, which definitely Wowed me!! It was infused with sausage & was just perfection in a bun.  It had some cumin & spices that gave it a flavorful taste.  We then moved on to the Meditteranean Burger, which i particularly didn't find anything different from the last two, so it was just ok to me.  I was also bummed that i didn't get to try the garlic yogurt dip, as it flew! I heard it was amazing! Last burger to try was the Bacon Coffee Burger, which i'm sure if i was a coffee connoisseur, i'd really appreciate it.  We were also given dessert, which was a real treat! It was in the form of a milkshake, and it was so yummy!! I'm happy that we were able to come out to this annual burger event, and the fact that it was so close by was an added bonus!!

    thumb Cristina W.
  •   Yelp events are never a disappointment! Instead of outlining what happened, since everyone else has done that already, I'll list what I loved:

    1. QR scan to enter. We're technology cool now!
    2. Drinks upon entry, & fries waiting at our table. Both types were perfectly seasoned.
    3. Wings served hot & fresh.
    4. Onion rings & sweet potato fries were amazing.
    5. Burger time! My fave was the WOW burger. I'll def come back for that. It's mind-blowing how all the burgers looked the same, but each packed a different flavor.
    6. Yummy milkshake to finish up.

    Ok, that was kind of  an outline, but I guess that shows how much I enjoyed everything last night! As always, I leave happy & full.

    This location is literally 2mins from me, so I am sure I'll be back. Thanks, Blue, for introducing me to this new and unique burger spot! And thanks to Gimme-a-Burger owners & staff for great food & service!

    thumb Acelyn B.
  •   We rushed from work to get to Gimme a Burger and luckily got 2 seats next to one another - immediately I could feel my shoulders drop down from ear level.

    Grabbing a Chardonnay and beer, we sat down and introduced ourselves to the people at our table - what a friendly group! It turned out that I sat next to a fellow Yelper who had been chatting with me on Yelp for the past few weeks...small world!

    As we enjoyed the cups of French fries and individual servings of wings, the restaurant was buzzing with conversation and the DJ's great music. Before long Blue introduced the owner who then described his dishes.

    The servers quickly delivered trays of food - there were so many trays of food that our table got served from both ends. The servers made sure that no one sat waiting for food while watching others eat - nice job! Sweet potato waffle fries and battered onion rings were quickly distributed to each guest so we all had hot crisp food.

    Before each burger was served Blue re-introduced the owner who then told us about the next course. We applauded each time because he welcomed us to experience the flavors of Turkey and we were grateful for each delicious course.  

    Vanilla and chocolate shakes finished out the meal - what a feast!

    This was my second Yelp event and I learned that Yelp attracts very friendly and gracious people. I also learned how delicious flavor 'infused' burgers can be - I enjoyed the WOW burger most (Turkish sausage in the burger), followed by the Coffee Bacon burger. Of the four burgers served there wasn't a bad one in the bunch! I believe each burger was served on potato rolls with the fresh tomato and lettuce garnish - they were so good!

    I've never eaten flavor infused burgers before nor did I have burgers inspired by Turkish ingredients. Tonight I found the burgers to be lezzetli infüzyon (delicious infused) and I believe the food spoke for the restaurant staff - it said Seni seviyoruz ('we love you' in Turkish)!

    Blue, thank you for putting on another GREAT event and for helping us to meet friendly, helpful people with whom to trade info and discuss meeting for dinner! I am learning that Yelp is so much more than a site to write/read reviews! Thanks

    thumb Sue B.
  •   So first of all, thank you Blue for introducing me to burger month. I never knew there was a month dedicated to burgers. Now that I do know, May just got that much better. [insert 'its gonna be may' justin timberlake meme]

    Yelpers gathered at "Gimme a Burger" and this location is not even open to the public yet. After we smoothly checked in with our party passes, we started with wine and beer. I knew this was going to be quite the party when I saw the DJ set up (albeit Youtube-ing) and what better way to sample burgers than with good music and in the company of good people.

    The food was plentiful. My favorite burger was the WOW burger. I liked the kick from the Turkish sausage. Of course everyone was curious about the bacon coffee burger. I'm still deciding on this one. The coffee flavor was dominant but also sweet and spicy (not tabasco spicy, but pantry spices). Let's just say there was a lot going on.  

    We also sampled fries (regular and salt/pepper seasoned), sweet potato waffle fries, chicken wings, and onion rings. You know, for a burger place, they made pretty solid chicken wings. I couldn't decide which one I liked better. I think I ate my way through 1.5 trays of sweet potato waffle fries--I definitely have a weak spot for sweet potato.

    When the eating was over, we devised ways to get Blue to come to the after party. In case anyone is wondering, kidnapping Ros will not work.

    A big thank you to Gimme a burger for being gracious hosts. I like that they are family owned and still have a small business feel. The staff was great and constantly cleared our table.

    Last but not least thank you Blue for all the hard work you do to put these events together.

    thumb Danielle G.
  •   IT'S HAMBURGMANIA, For those of you who like real hamburgers this is the place to eat and the event was  as good as the burgers. There was Blue at the door trying out his new Florida pass admit system, I was a good to go. The fries were spicy and just cooked right. My favorite was the coffee burger with the hing of coffee and the smell to go with it, and another was the burger mixed with sausage just how I make my meatballs. As we ate , talked, and texted we had a DJ spinning the music. No it is not the Ritz but a great place to get a hamburger but try something new, go for the wild side in you. A special thanks to Blue and his crew for all their work and time to make this a good event.

    thumb Jim D.
  •   Love the new party passes!! It makes checking in so much simpler!

    These types of events are some of my favorite because I get to sample everything offered without feeling like I am being a vulture around the food - and lots of food was offered here. In celebration of the end of burger month, we tried four different burgers, two types of chicken wings and a few different types of fries. There were also a few desserts passed around, which I unfortunately missed since I walked around too much 🙂

    I really liked that Gimme a Burger had Turkish flair, something I've never seen in a burger place. Three of the burgers, the WOW (sausage), Mediterranean and the coffee burgers were very inventive. I was most intrigued by the coffee burger, which was full of coffee flavor with a bit of bacon in the meat. I would have preferred a little less coffee grounds, which would have made it spectacular. My favorite was the WOW burger, which had sausage I. The meat blend. It was delicious.

    Thank you so much Blue, Yelp and Gimme a Burger for a great wrap up to burger month. I will definitely be coming back!

    thumb Ashley M.
  •   What a great way to wrap up "burger month" and celebrate "National Burger Day!"

    Before we all went in, everyone got checked in using the new fancy "party passes" that make us Yelpers even cooler!

    As soon as we got into the restaurant we were greeted with a choice of either glasses of wine (red or white), beer and soda. I grabbed some wine, took a seat and was handed cups of piping hot fries before the burgers started coming out. There were a couple different varieties of fries that came out (the cracked pepper and sea salt were really good but a tad spicy since there was a ton of pepper on them), waffle cut sweet potato fries and onion rings. Sweet potato fries are always my favorite and these didn't disappoint. The wings we got to try were lemon pepper and a sweet BBQ. Lemon pepper isn't my all time favorite flavor so I preferred the BBQ. Both were tasty though! After the wings we got down to business! Starting off the burger sampler with a classic followed by a "Wow" infused burger with sausage in it, a Mediterranean burger with a garlic yogurt sauce, and ending with the bacon coffee infused burger. The "wow" burger was definitely my favorite. The sausage just elevated the burger to the next level of flavor and something I've never had anywhere else before. Then again I've never really had any of the gourmet burgers anywhere else, so it was exciting to try so many new burgers! The Mediterranean burger was good but I think it was basically the garlic yogurt sauce that really made it. I'm a big sauce person, especially if it's a garlic sauce, so this was my second favorite. The coffee burger was quite interesting because I've never thought of infusing a burger with coffee before. For me I think there is a reason I've never had a coffee flavored burger, apparently I'm not a big fan of burgers with coffee infused into them. However I'm always up for trying new tastes so it was great to try something a little out of the box. Ending the meal with chocolate and vanilla shakes was the best part. Interestingly I thought the chocolate shake was kind of like a Wendy's frosty and preferred the vanilla one.

    I've never heard of Gimme A Burger before this event, but I'm glad Blue introduced me to this cool burger joint! Thanks Blue and Gimme A Burger for such a fantastic event!

    thumb Katie M.
  •   I'm not sure why we only have one burger month when we have 12 months?

    ANYWAY, I love Broward events. There is just something about them, whether the event is big or small, you really feel like you get to see and mingle with everyone (even if for a second). The people are just great. They'll take you down if you try to take their food, but that's another story...

    I love burgers so having a burger event is right up my alley. Gimme a Burger was a great spot to try a few infused burgers and a few other treats.

    The sides:

    Fries- I mean, can fries be bad? These were great.
    Onion Rings- see the statement above.
    The wings- the sweet and tangy one's were off the chain. You can keep the lemon flavored one.

    The burgers
    BIG SINGLE--- It was a simple cheese burger, but the flavor was really full. I noticed instantly how good their buns were too.

    WOW BURGER-- I looked at it thinking, "this looks just like the last one". When I bit into it I was completely wrong. So much flavor. The infusion of the sausage was perfect. a 10/10/

    MEDITERRANEAN BURGER--- Great seasoning. Not blown away, but probably because I liked the previous burger that much.

    BACON COFFEE BURGER-- In theory this is sounds like it's going to be the Justin Timberlake of burgers. It's everything you want, biting into it made it more like the Justin Bieber of burgers. All over the place and messy. You couldn't taste the bacon. I was really let down.

    3 out of 4 is great.

    The desserts were good. The owners were so nice. The staff was very attentive and I think everyone, per usual, had an amazing time. I will definitely go to Gimme a Burger during my  weekend travels.

    Thank you Blue for another great experience in BPB.

    thumb Andy V.
  •   Great way to Wrap-up Burger Month!!

    I have passed by Gimme A Burger in Deerfield several times and have never stopped by to try the food. Thanks to this event I have found a new lunch spot.

    First Stop: Check-in with our Party Pass! Super cool addition to the check-in process.
    Second Stop: Name Badge and booze! I started off with red wine but we there was white wine, beer and fountain drinks.

    The music was awesome! Had us singing along. Great DJ!

    I loved how organized Gimme A Burger was. Right off the bat we had fries waiting for us at the tables. We were introduced to the owner and then the food started flowing.

    Chicken Wings: My favorite was the lemon pepper wing. I have a weakness for lemon and I could have eaten dozens of these wings. The other wing was good too. It was sweet.

    Sweet Potato fries: Addicting and delicious!

    Burger time!!
    Big Single: You can never go wrong with the classic burger. When taking a bite I noticed the buns were a bit toasted. Love it! It was delicious.
    Wow Burger: This was something new for me. You could see the little chunks of beef sausage. It was pretty good.
    Mediterranean Burger: I would have to say this one was by fav. Very flavorful.
    Bacon Coffee Burger: Now this I had never heard of! I am not much of a coffee lover but I had to give this a try. It was interesting. You can literally taste the coffee!

    The waiters were so friendly and on top of things! They made us feel super comfortable. I loved this event! Thanks Blue for a fun event! Gimme A Burger- I shall see you very soon!!

    thumb Tanya L.
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